March 12, 2012

Giveaway Winners

Dear Readers, 

Thank you to all who entered the vintage letterhead sample pack giveaway

There were 23 entries. I wrote each entry down and numbered them on a sheet of paper. Then, I went to and had the generator select three random numbers between 1 and 23. Easy peasy.

Without further ado, the lucky winners are:
  • Twitter user, @lucasmines
  • Commenter, Jackie Flaherty
  • Commenter, paperedthoughts
Winners: Please use the "Contact Me" link on the top right of this page to send me your mailing addresses, and I'll get your letterhead to you ASAP. 

To all others: Thank you, again, for entering the giveaway. My favorite part of giveaways is learning more about the people who read Everyday Correspondence. You're all so interesting! I'd love to hear more from each of you, both on Twitter and in the comments. You have so much to add and so many great ideas to share.

Very truly yours, 


P.S. Don't forget, the images printed on the letterhead for the giveaway are always available for free download in the vintage letterhead archive!

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Eliza Ward said...

Congrats to the winners!