November 2, 2011

Personalizing Correspondence with Recycled Materials


I have a creative pen pal, who makes fantastic mail using mostly recycled papers. Although we've fallen a tad out of contact (my fault), I enjoyed our back and forth just as much for the materials we used in our communications as the actual words we wrote.


The above two pictures in this post are from her most recent letter to me. She folded a magazine page into an envelope and used daily calendar pages as stationery. That's a tough one to respond to.


So, I wrote my letter on paper made from sugarcane waste, called bagasse. And, I made my own envelope from a brown paper bag - a great durable material to cover packages and letters for delivery though the post.


To finish off the letter, I used a Go Green stamp. I'm sure there's more I could do, but I need some suggestions. What recycled materials do you use to enhance your letters?

1 comment:

Anna said...

I like to recycle junk mail. I cut open envelopes turn them inside out, then tape them back together...the inside is often more appealing than the outside anyway!