October 30, 2011

Hotel Stationery: Shula's Hotel and Golf Club


It's no secret, if you're a reader of this blog, I love letterhead. What may not be so obvious, however, is how much I crush on hotel stationery.

When first entering a hotel room, many people run to check out the bathroom or jump on the bed; I go to the desk to see if there's hotel specific stationery. Hotel stationery is an extension of a time gone by, when people would go on holiday for weeks on end, settle into a hotel or club - actually put their clothes in the provided bureau or armoire - and use their vacation digs as a temporary home. To accommodate this regular use, and the upper class convention of having engraved stationery for each of their homes, hotels and clubs provided stationery for guest use.

Today, unfortunately, few people are able to stay in a hotel long enough for use of its stationery to be anything more than a novelty. So, most folks I know don't bother to even check for stationery in their vacation accommodations, but I collect it. I get such a kick from it, my wife brings it back for me on her vacations as a souvenir. It's cheaper than a t-shirt, right?

Call it a quirk. Am I alone?


Eliza Ward said...

It's the first thing I do too! Sadly, very few hotels seem to have stationery anymore. At best, they'll have a notepad, in my experience. Have you had much luck finding nice stationery in hotels?

James said...

Yay for hotel stationery! I, too, have found most hotels investing in little pads of paper instead of actual stationery. But, I've been fortunate Priceline enough nice hotels to have come across a fair number of good writing papers. I'll be posting about my finds in the months to come.


Julie (O-kami) said...

No, you're not alone. I always check but have not stayed anywhere that actualy had stationery lately.

ana said...

I love hotel stationery! I am so excited if a hotel I am visiting keeps even a notepad in the desk drawer with their logo on it.

Did you see the letters Marilyn Monroe wrote on hotel stationery? They were featured in an issue of Vanity Fair not too long ago (maybe a year?). Wow.

Holidays to koh lanta said...

I have a friend that also collect hotel stationary. I on the other hand, collect hotel bath soap with the hotel logo. If there is no spare, I always order for another one for me to take home.

David Ritchson said...

"Today, unfortunately, few people are able to stay in a hotel long enough for use of its stationery to be anything more than a novelty." - Yep, that's the sad truth nowadays. My wife used to collect hotel stationeries before which I find a really cool idea.

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