June 16, 2010

A Summer Break

Dear Readers,

To you I offer my apologies, I have gone almost six weeks without a post and no explanation as to why. As some of you may recall, I am (or rather was) in law school. This year, the month of May brought me not only my usual final exam period, but my last final exam, period!

I graduated from law school on May 28 and have been feverishly studying for the bar exam ever since, an exercise that requires an incredible amount of time. That is why I have not had the time, or the content necessary, to update Everyday Correspondence. The bar exam is the last week of July, after which I plan on taking a two week vacation to sunny Minnesota. So, while I may publish a post every couple of weeks, it is my sincere intent to return to Everyday Correspondence with my previous level of dedication sometime this August. I hope you'll all drop by for a visit.

Me with Deb Kinney, after she fine tuned a couple of troublesome nibs, at the Triangle Pen Show.
As you can see, I'm a very satisfied customer.

In an unrelated note, I attended the Triangle Pen Show in Cary, North Carolina a few weekends ago and had an amazing time! I'd like to give shout outs to the helpful seller Fred Martinson, the informative pencil master Joe, the Chilton guru Hirsch Davis, the humorous Tom Mullane, the deal maker Alan Hirsch, and nibmeister Deb Kinney. Each of these individuals proved to be great resources for pen history and information, as well as wonderful people from whom to buy. I recommend them all to people interested in pens as writing tools and/or objects for collecting. If you're interested in what a pen show experience is like, I recommend Richard Binder's series of posts, A Virtual Pen Show.

May you all have a magnificent summer, I will see you in the Fall!

Very truly yours,



GrannyKass said...

Thanks for the update! Congrats on your graduation and Good Luck on the Bar Exam.

ElizaWard said...

Congratulations, good luck, and have an excellent trip! Looking forward to your return in the fall!

Jackie Flaherty said...

Good Luck! It was nice to see you back in action.


Julie (Okami) said...

Nice to see a photo of you and have a face to go with the posts, tweets and correspondence.

I know you'll do fine on the bar. How are the wedding plans going?

James said...

Thanks for the congratulations, everyone! As Julie points out, on top of everything, I'm doing wedding planning this summer, oy! But, all is going well.

@Julie, I'm glad you liked that I posted a picture of myself. It dawned on me the other day that I should really stop being afraid of the internet. So, I'm going to try to make it a bit more personal.

Margie said...

Huge good luck wishes on the bar ... it's been several years since I took (and thankfully passed) the dreaded exam, and it was definitely one of the worst weeks of my life. Just buckle down and focus all your energy on that between now and then and the fun of life will return afterwards :).

James said...

Thanks for the well-wishes, Margie! It will all be over in two weeks. Then, as you know, I wait. But while waiting, I plan on having lots of fun!

If I may ask, in which state do you practice?