April 22, 2010

Site Design Update

Dear Readers,

I'm looking to update the appearance of Everyday Correspondence (beyond just font changes). I haven't made any decisions on changes yet, so I beseech your help. What can I change/add/subtract to make the site more cohesive? How can I alter the design to better reflect its content? Would it be helpful to widen the main column, so that images may appear larger? Is there any information that would be helpful for me to add to the sidebar?

Suggestions are invited!

Very truly yours,



Anonymous said...

I think widening your main column here is a great idea :) You could have larger photos and posts wouldn't seem endless when they get a little longer. A lot of blogs have the same width that you currently have though - it's not terrible :)

My only other suggestion for sprucing the place up is color! Everything is so muted right now. It all blends together, including the all white background (behind the blog)!

Love your blog though! I'm sure whatever you do to change it up will be great!

James said...

Thanks for the suggestions pooftacular, I'll definitely take them into consideration!

Nadine said...

I agree with pooftacular (: looking
forward to the change

James said...

Okay, I've narrowed it down to these two themes, each of which I would tweak a little. But, tweaking aside, they are:





Thanks for your help!


dashreeve said...

I like this "wood" or "earthy" theme, very nice.