February 12, 2010

Pulp Find: Mame Edition

I have an auntie Mame. Well, not the real auntie Mame, but an aunt that is equally unique and adventurous as the character from the show of the same name. With this correlation in mind, coupled with my affection for 1920s style, this card caught my eye while I was perusing the racks at Pulp.

Once I saw it, I knew I had to have it... and that I had to sent it to my auntie Mame. The woman on the card looks like the character, as by Lucille Ball in the film version of Mame, walked right off the screen and onto the paper.

Even if the image didn't spark an emotional response from me, the fantastic image, the vintage style and the glitter would have been more than enough for this 5 x 7 to find its way into my basket.

I sent the card off to my aunt as a Valentine. Have you posted any special Valentine's this year?


chandlerguera said...

She's a beauty! It looks like Erte'. I posted eight Valentines this week and will hand deliver the special one to my special guy.

The Missive Maven said...

Yep, I'll echo chandlerguera - I hopped on down here to comment to say also that it looks like Erte. Love that style!

James said...


I'd never heard of Erté until... moments ago when I read your comments, MM and Chandlerguera. A quick Google search later and it turns out that you're both right, it is an Erté! I'll keep my eyes out for this artist in the future.

Many thanks,