December 6, 2009

See You Soon.

Dear Readers,

As some of you already know, I am a law student, and, for me, December means final exams. As such, in the interests of not failing my courses this semester, I will not be updating Everyday Correspondence until at least December 15th. I will, however, be posting links to good reads and giveaways that I come across on the Everyday Correspondence Twitter Feed, as a boy needs to procrastinate somehow, right?

I do hope that this first half of December treats all of you well.

Very truly yours,



Phil said...

Good Luck on finals James!
Thanks for the update.

Zuzu said...

Happy studying and good luck on your tests.

wendyvee said...

Good Luck with your finals!

What's the law student version of "break a leg"?

Hmmm, "break a law" doesn't work, does it? :)

Judy H in NC said...

as a full time working outside of the home mother of 2 teens (one in college) and going to school myself (at least my classes are online), I understand the whole....FINALS!!!!!....good luck

James said...

Thanks for the many well wishes, they were much appreciated! Finals went off... well, they happened. And, I'm still here. So, I guess that's a good sign.

Thanks, again!