November 16, 2009

Sigwalt Chicago No. 10

While I have largely kept my latest hobby out of my posts on Everyday Correspondence, I have actually gotten quite into printmaking. I began with cut linoleum stamps, and moved on to letterpress style printing on a repurposed cylinder press to make cards and invitations for friends. That entire time, I had my eye on purchasing a tabletop platen press. And a couple of weeks ago, I finally purchased one.

This little baby is a Sigwalt Chicago No. 10 printing press. It has a printable area of 3" x 5", small, but what I could afford. It's in relatively good shape, all the parts move properly, and it came with a roller in decent condition (not pictured). I plan on doing mild restoration to the piece, as there is some rust and peeled/worn paint.

Notice the still vibrant hand painted details on the sides of the press and the gold piping that adorns the contours of the cast iron pieces.

I have a can of WD-40 and a 3M scrubby at the ready, and boy, am I ready to get to work!


Janice Phillips said...

This is incredible! I had no idea there was such a thing as a small press like this! Can't wait to see what you come up with...hope you post photos of your creativity, even if it is just for friends.

BigEyes World said...

I love it!
I really want to see what you do with that. I wish I'd be closer to have a look at that wonderful machine!

Jeff6645 said...

I have the same press and lots of type that goes with it. My father was in the printing business all his life. He had this little press for years and when I was a kid he would let me play with it, what great time those days were... I wonder how many of these little baby's are left? Great find!

Tony said...

Greetings from New Zealand. I have a Sigwalt No 11 and need to have a chase and ink disc made.Appreciate help with detail of the 'fixture/stub'on the sides of the chase that goes over the small lip on the press. Or can I buy a chase somewhere ?
Many thanks !
Tony King

James said...

Hi there, Tony!

I'm so sorry, but I really have no idea where you'd be able to pick up an extra chase, or who you would go to to have one made. My best suggestion would be to put a post up on the boards. I'm sure that one of the more experienced press operators/owners there can guide you in the right direction.

Hope your press is up and operating soon!

Very truly yours,


Tony said...

Thanks James for your comments. Have today found that a Sigwalt 11 sold on ebay this week for $680US. It was totally refurbished and the auction had 12 pix from which I could establish the chase fittings.
REgards From Nz
Tony King

Benny's Blog said...

Hi There! Can you help me find a sigwalt ideal #4 or #5? I am in the Chicago area. Thank you! Joan

Anonymous said...

Hi Joan, I just picked up a #4 Ideal Sigwalt printing press. I can send you some photos if you are interested in seeing it. my e-mail is Thanks, Bob

Oprion said...

Looks dusk like my Sigwalt #9 only bigger!