November 27, 2009

PocketMod, or, When You Need a Journal, NOW

I recently came across PocketMod in my zine research. PocketMod is a method of creating an 8 page journal out of a single piece of paper, the perfect size for a pocket notepad. The folding (and one cutting) instructions are in the above image. The PocketMod website, however, contains much more than just the folding instructions. It has an online journal customizer, to add page titles and games, like Sudoku, should you so desire.

This obviously isn't going to be the layout design for the new zine, but I did think it was handy.

I have zero affiliation with PocketMod or its creators.


Anonymous said...

Oh wow, I make one of these every Monday at work out of a blank 11x17 sheet of printer paper to use for notes throughout the week, but I've never seen the PocketMod web site before.

Thanks for the link!


Denise~ said...

I remember doing this when I was in my teens and had completely forgotten about it.
On my desk currently is a page that I'd cut out (due to inserts of odd origins) and folded to carry in my pocket while out hiking when I didn't want to carry my entire journal. Next time I'll do this maneuver.


Pirate Trish said...

Wow!! I remember working in that format for my grad project (I made comics) I had gotten the format frm Adobe's Palmsized Press. Very cool that it's still around, I always thought it was a really good format!

James said...

I feel so creatively inadequate! I never would have known/figured out how to do this without the help of the internet.

Does anyone have any other handy journal manufacturing techniques?