November 23, 2009

Market Watch: Empty Ink Bottles at Pear Tree Pens

After scouring the internet this summer for the a desktop inkwell, I concluded that there were no more economical, and few more attractive, alternatives to the empty ink bottle, sans paper label. At that time, I had to search all around for an almost empty container of my bottle of choice, the Iroshizuku.

I only wish, at that time, that Pear Tree Pens had been having it's empty bottle sale! Priced from $3-$6, there are ten different bottle styles to choose from. The bottle in the above picture is a Caran d'Ache. There is a limited supply, so if you're interested in a class-tacular inkwell, I recommend hurrying over to check out the sale.

Everyday Correspondence has no affiliation with Pear Tree Pens or any of the products that the online retailer sells.

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