November 29, 2009

Everyday Correspondence is on Twitter!

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Dear Readers,

After discovering that so many people in the online letter writing enthusiast community were on Twitter, I couldn't resist getting Everyday Correspondence in on the fun! It's still a lot to take in, but I should be up to speed in a few days.

Followers of the Everyday Correspondence Twitter feed will get: notice of more market watch items than are posted here on the blog, site updates (i.e. new links to the Vintage Letterhead Image Archive) that are not posted about on the blog, and more links to recommended reads than are posted here on the blog. I'm sure that there will be much more that's exclusive to the Twitter feed... but I'll have to add them when I think them up.

Thanks to Okami and Jackie for their warm tweets of welcome!

See you on the Twitter feed!

Yours in 140 characters,


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