November 13, 2009

Deep Thought

Fountain pen on cheap, feathering paper or ball point on lush, expensive paper?

Please, discuss.


tuxgirl said...

Ooh... That's a rough decision to have to make. I guess I kind of do the first at work some days... The staples version of steno pads is pretty poor and sucks ink out of my FP...

It's a painful decision either way, though.

PostMuse said...

Fountain pen on cheap paper. I'll work with the feathering somehow. As much as I love lush paper, I don't think I can use a ball point ever again. I'm the cheap wine* in expensive glass kind of woman, so I guess my choice makes sense.

* by cheap wine I mean $15 bottle of wine... not the jug wine.

Richard said...

Cheap paper and a well adjusted nib using a good ink that doesn't feather. All are possible with some effort. And I've had many an expensive paper that bled and feathered like mad with the best of fountain pens. For me my current favorite is the recycled sugar cane waste stuff from Staples that I can write on with a Sharpie and it won't bleed through and it won't feather with my broadest, wettest stub nibs.

Julie (Okami) said...

Fountain pen on all paper.

James said...

I think I'm with the majority here, fountain pen in all practicable situations. Although, I have developed a new appreciation for high quality paper, I've been using some non-FP friendly papers to print with, but that take printing ink very well. That's why I asked.

Richard, I'm right there with you, Staples EcoPaper made from bagasse is an incredibly happy, everyday compromise.

And PostMuse, I think my evening's $15 bottle of crianza would be right in line with your tastes. I never much figured you for a Carlo Rossi kind of gal.

Thanks to all of you responding, I do enjoy it when people express themselves on the site.

Very truly yours,