October 22, 2009

They're From Canada, Eh?

The "eh" is cliche, I know. But I just couldn't help myself.

So, I haven't written any letters in the last couple of weeks, but, I have purchased stationery during that time. When I was at We've Got Paper, posting for their giveaway, I made a purchase. And, that purchase arrived today!

In addition to my order, Julie from We've Got Paper threw in four vinyl stickers. Very neat. On top of that, she put some awesome stamps (she mailed from Canada) on the envelope to mail me the stationery!

Although I have no affiliation with We've Got Paper, if you like their products, you should take a gander at their Etsy shop. All their contact info can be conveniently found on their business card:


Jackie Flaherty said...

I just received my order from here also and was so pleased with my stationery choice and all of the extras she included. Plus, her cute business card. I will definitely recommend her and buy from her again.


phonelady said...

those are cute and I love those .

Eliza Ward said...

The stamp design is for the Olympics which are in BC in 2010. The panda thing is the mascot. I know that because I'm Canadian and I hate those stamps, and I asked at the post office if they had any others for the US--they didn't, but at least they gave me that explanation.

James said...

Here the U.S. we have one standard international rate (or at least I think there is). From your comment, do you mean to say that there are special stamps for the Canadian postal service for mailing to the United States? Is it cheaper to mail it to the U.S. than other international destinations?

carrie said...

To mail a standard letter or postcard in Canada, it's 54 cents (we don't get a cheap domestic postcard rate, sadly), standard to the US is 98 cents, and every other international destination is $1.65.

The stamps aren't specific to destinations -- I could use a 98 cent stamp and a 54 cent stamp and cover the difference with 1, 2, 5, etc. cent stamps (currently those little ones have bugs on them -- larvae in the mail!) to send internationally, or oversized, or....
hope that answers your questions.

Eliza Ward said...

Yeah, it costs 98 cents to mail a letter (or postcard) to the US, and those were the only 98 cent stamps. I *could* buy a combination of cheaper stamps, maybe, but then I'd have to do math.

I lived in Boston for a while and I don't remember that there was a standard international rate in the US... But I only would have sent one international package that wasn't to Canada. I just remember that it was cheaper to mail things to Canada from the US than it was to mail things within Canada.