October 29, 2009

Maison Orlhac Letter and Envelope

Although I am not French, do not speak French, have never been to France and rarely eat French food, I really wanted to write a France themed letter. So I did. I wrote, long overdue, to a pen pal on some laid paper printed with my Maison Orlhac vintage letterhead. Something about this particular letterhead and that particular paper makes them go very well together.

Then, I used some heavy paper that I purchased at the Paper Cult going-out-of-business sale a couple months ago to make an envelope. As you can see from the photographs, the paper is printed with a travel theme.

Then, to finish the whole thing off, I sealed the envelope with a sticker that came in a set of vintage travel icons purchased at the same Paper Cult sale as the paper for the envelope. If it's not obvious already, I had a very enjoyable time putting this letter together.

The refurbished Maison Orlhac letterhead is now available for download in the Vintage Letterhead Image Archive. Bon letter writing!

1 comment:

wendyvee said...

I love your letterhead downloads!

I've used the Robot Salesman & Hotel Mecca images several times now :)