October 27, 2009

Layout Tweak

As it would happen, late in the night, I stumbled upon the layout settings that I had been searching for ever since I began writing Everyday Correspondence. Not wanting to waste a minute of creative thought, I made a few changes to the fonts on the site.

My two objectives were to: 1. make the text around the site more uniform; and 2. make the text in posts more natural to read. To achieve these ends, I changed the header and sidebar title font to courier, in keeping with the vintage newspaper-type layout. In that same vein, I also changed the color scheme of the fonts from blues to greys. To improve post readability, I changed the font from a large Verdana to a more manageable 12 pt. Georgia. And, I also changed the post font to a dark grey, to keep the color scheme cohesive.

Do you like the changes? Any other suggestions to make the site easier to read/more thematically cohesive?

Very truly yours,



Eliza Ward said...

Thanks for asking! To be honest, I don't like the Courier.

wendyvee said...

The grey is a big improvement and easier on the eyes :)

I'm not overly fond of the Courier either. You might play aroud with either Cardiff (or there is a free font availible called "Old Newspaper" that might work well)

Thanks for asking for our input.

wendyvee said...

Oops! It appears the letter "n" ran away from my last comment.

James said...

Thank you both, Eliza and Wendy. I'm inclined to agree that the Courier is less than preferable. I actually do have the Old Newspaper font, along with several others that I like, but I need to go through a couple of steps to use them for the site banner.

I thought I'd try using one of the few options offered by Blogger before I took on the task of a slightly more complicated banner redesign.

Thanks, again, for the feedback!