September 18, 2009

Paid Advertisement: 1-800-Recycling

1-800-Recycling is a new website all about helping people to live more eco-friendly lives. The site offers suggestions about how to recycle everything from vegetable oil, batteries, televisions and paper. One of the features I thought to be really cool is the list of links by state that list recycling centers for a variety of different products. For example, I didn't know that Home Depot would take old florescent bulbs or that Lens Crafters would accept old eyeglasses. But I do now.

I most appreciated, however, an article on the site about bamboo fibers. I've seen many papers out there that are starting to incorporate natural fibers, aside from cotton, like bamboo. I always just assumed that they were more environmentally conscious, but thanks to 1-800-Recycling, I now know what logos and certifications to look for when buying bamboo products, like paper.

*cue NBC chimes*
The More You Know.

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