August 10, 2009

The Whole Package

Although I usually prefer making my own envelopes, I just couldn't resist purchasing a set of these, marked 70% off at Papyrus (no affiliation). The envelopes are wonderfully thick and printed in a durable copper metallic paint. And, I just love the way they fold from the side.

Each envelope is paired with with a single sheet of very heavy cardstock. Fearing that the paper would feather, I wrote my message with a fine Esterbrook 9556 nib and was delighted when there was no problem.

The whole stationery set feels wonderfully vintage, but I find that the brand stamp took me out of the experience. So, for this letter, I covered the mark with the envelope as I wrote.

For me, the icing on the cake is the metallic copper string provided inside each envelope to wrap the finished products like packages. And as a final touch, each envelope is given a sticker, presumably to use for addressing the envelope. Unfortunately, the shiny stickers don't take my fountain pen ink, so I was forced to use a fine point Sharpie to address this letter. With only one sticker per envelope, there was no suitable place for me to write a return address, hopefully the Missive Maven, to whom this letter was mailed, doesn't stamp it, "Return to Sender."

Overall, I really enjoyed using this stationery set. However, the prominent mark on the stationery and the difficult to use sticker labels would likely prevent me from ever paying full price for the set.


octoberchild said...

Great looking set, but I get your point about the logo and the not-so-fountain-pen-friendly label.

The Missive Maven said...

This arrived in smashingly gorgeous condition. What a treat! The string was definitely the kicker. I am so, so envious that you found these at 70% off. I get a lot of beautiful mail, but this was especially fabulous!

Jackie Flaherty said...

Your description is exquisite. Thanks for sharing and for the pictures!Makes me want a set like this.

Jackie at