August 2, 2009


Just because they don't deliver mail on Sundays (at least not in the United States) doesn't mean that you can't send any. I actually consider Sundays to be my most productive writing days... probably because I work at a library on Sundays and have the kind of time, space and serene environment that are conducive to good letter writing. What about you, where and when do you do create your best correspondence?

Note: I received this wonderful postcard from PostMuse. It's titled "Good Post is Not a Thing of the Past."


Jackie Flaherty said...

I write at my desk where I have easy access to all of my different letter writing supplies. I keep a basket for letters waiting for me to respond to them. I also keep articles, stamps, photos, etc in the basket that I may send with letters.
I plan to have a regular dept. in the magazine I'm starting, Letters & Journals,on famous writing areas as well as photos/descriptions sent in by readers. I love seeing the different ones and will be following up with the comments posted here to see what others do.

Melissa said...

I write a lot on Sunday's because I'm always off of work the night before! It's relaxing to me before I start the new work week. If you'd like more people to send/receive mail to/from, come check out my website, and join if you'd like!

Chicago said...

Thought you might want to know that the card is made by Pod Post {}. They've just released a book called GOOD MAIL DAY.

James said...

Yes, it is from Pod Pod Post! I actually own a copy of Good Mail Day, it's fantastic.