August 1, 2009

Market Watch: Free Paper Samples

Many individuals with whom I correspond use paper from journals to write on. And after giving it some thought, that makes perfect sense. Journals can offer some really high quality paper at low prices, if you catch them at the right times. This is one of those times, The Journal Shop is giving away free samples of paper from a variety of different notebooks and journals. It's so free, in fact, that they'll even pay the costs of shipping. The only thing The Journal Shop asks in return is that you share your thoughts in comment on their site Simple as that. Now get over there and order away!

I have no affiliation with The Journal Shop, I just happen to like free stuff.

1 comment:

dashreeve said...

Hey James,
I filled out the form for the paper samples, I'll let you know how they are. Keep up the awesome work on the blog!!