August 31, 2009

Insert Hilarious Monkey Pun Here

Check out this letter I recently received from a pen pal, isn't it wild? I just love the fuzzy monkey stickers and the use of glitter pen to make a creative address box. The theme was carried into the letter itself.

On the bottom of each page, my pal drew a vine footer around a set of page numbers.

And, she added these colorful touches next to her signature and on the outside of the envelope. I'm just bananas about them.

This pal has really set a high bar for creative snail mail. I'm not sure how I'm going to climb to her level.

Ok, I admit my failure to be creative with words in this post. Can anyone think of any better (or, rather, worse) monkey or banana puns describe this letter?


phonelady said...

Oh I bet you I know who wrote you this letter my dear . Is there anyway you could incoporate an organ grinder in this return letter ? Just a thought to make you go hmmm.....

all-my-hues said...

Did you go ape when you saw the envelope? :P