August 3, 2009

Dear Congresswoman

In addition to serving as a fantastic medium for communicating between friends, snail mail letters also have the power influence those with the power to make the changes we wish to see in this world.

I am strong proponent of writing to Congress and the President. Whenever there is an issue of importance to me, I write a short and direct letter on where I, as a constituent, stand. I couldn't urge you more strongly to do the same.

An e-mail can be boiled down by a staffer to a sender's name and a subject line. A letter, at the very least, must be sorted, manually opened, read for content and identified with a real person by way of a signature.

Today I mailed a letter on an issue involving education. I printed the letter on Southworth 24lb 25% cotton linen finish paper and handmade an envelope from another sheet of the same paper. It is my hope that the time and effort I put into not only writing, but also professionally packaging, paying for a stamp, and walking to a mailbox, add weight to my message when it reaches the office of my Congresswoman.

NOTE: The poignant stamp in this post came to me by way of the Missive Maven.


phonelady said...

you know I would love to follow your blog but dont see anywhere to do so on your blog could you please maybe show me or tell me how to do that ?

Anonymous said...


You can always use the RSS feed subscription, in the box titled, "Free Subscription!" But, ask and you shall receive. I have added a box below it for followers, should I be so lucky to have you join the site.



octoberchild said...

Nicely put, James.

The Missive Maven said...

It is really enlightening to hear the insider perspective on this, namely how much more powerful a handwritten (or in any case, snail-mailed) letter is than an email, when writing to politicians as a constituent. I always suspected as much, but never knew for sure...

I'm glad you liked the stamp. :-)