August 16, 2009

Daedal Digits

In a recent letter, these creative numbers adorned the bottom of each page.

I've said it before, but I'll say it again, page numbers are too often over-looked as outlets for creativity. This pen pal, however, makes perfect use of them.

I see different parts of my pal's personality and interests coming out in each of these illustrations. Fantastic.


Jackie Flaherty said...

I love this idea and just had a pen pal talk about the same thing. So I referenced this blog posting for her consideration.
Thanks for sharing. Would love to see more ideas on this.

Jackie said...

Thanks for the note, Jackie. I, too, am looking for more ways to make the most of my page numbers. Unfortunately, my hands don't produce the best drawings, so I've been exploring use of numbers from a variety of sources. I'm assembling a collection, and hopefully I'll start posting about my use of collected items soon.


all-my-hues said...

My page numbers are nothing compared to a pen pal of mine, Gini -- that's where I got the inspiration from!

You can see them here:

But, I'm glad you're entertained by my page numbers :D said...

I agree, Gini's are pretty neat. But I prefers yours because you so often incorporate things of interest to you, like the the aquatic theme on the number three shown in this post.


Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

The illustrations are indeed creative, but the ink colour makes them stand out even more. Love that colour!