July 20, 2009

Vintage Letterhead Giveaway Contest!

I have a bunch of vintage letterhead reproductions, several of which have been featured here on Everyday Correspondence. Because it will take me a while to feature it all, I have decided to put it to use for the site by giving away a sampler pack!

I have two goals for this contest: 1. to reward readers; and 2. to get the word out about Everyday Correspondence. This contest is for a sampler pack comprised of two of each of the seven vintage letterhead reproductions that I have completed thus far on your choice of either white or ivory Southworth 25% cotton linen finish paper.

To enter, post a link to http://www.everydaycorrespondence.com somewhere on the internet and then take credit for the link in the comments section of this post (don't forget to post a URL where the link may be found).

The link can be posted anywhere, for example in a forum post, on the sidebar of your blog, as a feature post in your blog, the comment section of another blog's post, etc.

The posted link that draws the most traffic wins! A winner will be declared on Saturday, August 1.

NOTE: Deceptive links will not be honored as valid submissions. For example, anchor text "FREE MONEY!" with a link to this site.


Okami said...

I Tweeted you

Sam said...

Tweeted here: http://twitter.com/FutureNostalgic/statuses/2739257370

Sam said...

...and blogged here: http://future-nostalgic.blogspot.com/2009/07/vintage-letterhead-giveaway-at-everyday.html

Patty Davidson said...

I added Everyday Correspondence to my blog
list at Just Letter Rip.


Heidi said...

cool Website. Just visited here from justletterrip's website.

Have a great day!

Okami said...

and posted you on my blog http://okami-whatever.blogspot.com/

girlzoot said...

Hey, already have a link to your blog on my lettery site, but I tweeted to you as well. What a fun idea! Good luck!

phonelady said...

wow what a treat I put it in my blog for today and I think it is great since I am a member of sendsomething.net. wonderfull site thanks again .

Tejal said...

Added you on my Blog Archive (well, you've been there for weeks now) and featured an entry about the contest you're having.

Anonymous said...

I linked you to my website

Anonymous said...

Thank you all so much for supporting the site! I love that, in addition to getting the word out about Everyday Correspondence, this contest has given me the opportunity to visit all of your sites. They're all fantastic!

Entries for the contest are still being accepted. Just a reminder that for an entry to be valid, I need to know where the link to E.C. was posted. Without it, I cannot keep track of the incoming traffic. I have that info for everyone that has entered thus far, except Anon. 07.22.09.

Thanks, again, for the support.


jbm said...

Tweeted here: http://twitter.com/jmignault/status/2801431646

and also in the Twitter updates sidebar of my blog at http://john.mignault.net/blog

leon said...



On Facebook too :D

Denise~ said...

Great idea! I've blogged about it and included a link here.