July 28, 2009

Red, White and Blue

For this letter to a pen pal, I decided to go with a color scheme rather than a theme. It just so happened that one of my latest vintage letterhead reproductions fit in with the red, white and blue scheme.

I used the same paper for the second page of the letter, but jazzed it up a bit by gluing down some used vintage stamps on the corners. I purchased these as part of a 25 piece lot on eBay for $1.50, including shipping and handling.

If you're interested, I have now made the Paul's Choice Inks & Mucilage letterhead image available for download. You may access it and the other vintage letterhead images featured on Everyday Correspondence here.


Gina said...

I just stumbled across your blog a couple days ago and haven't had time to really go back through it all yet, but I will, believe me. In the meantime though, I must say I *love* this letterhead and your concept of using it in a color scheme is brilliant! My attempts to download the letterhead seem to put me into an infinite loop however -- I end up on the page with the other two letterheads, but this one is no where to be found. Help?

Anonymous said...

It may sound cliche, but it's not you, it's me. I scheduled this post for today but forgot to put up the letterhead! My apologies, I'll post it just as soon as I can get to my home computer.

Thanks for the kind words, I'm glad you're enjoying the site.


Anonymous said...

Problem solved. The image is now available at the link provided in the post.

Gina said...

Thanks James! You had me a little concerned with the "it's not you, it's me" comment. I was afraid our relationship was over before it even began!

* * * *

Yoink! Just thought I should test the link to the new letterhead before I hit the Publish Your Comment button here and the image to the new letterhead isn't displaying and the link(s) still don't work.

No big deal. I really should be working, not reading blogs, anyway. Whenever you get around to it.

Gina said...

Hi again James, I'm still not seeing the image -- I just see a small red X.

When I click on the image, I get a Google 404 page with the following link:
The requested URL /_NEAohe8KBrE/Sm-FeltjWXI/AAAAAAAAAeA/WWCL8X0f66s/Paul's%20Inks%20&%20Mucilage%20LtrHd1.jpg was not found on this server.

I get the same error both at work and at home. I wish I knew more about blogging so I could be of some assistance, but alas, I don't.

octoberchild said...

Hello James, I've tried the link and have the same problem as Gina...excellent Blog...it's inspiring.

The Missive Maven said...

Didn't try to download the ink letterhead yet because I'm not at home, but it looks fantastic!!!

phonelady said...

wow how inspiring you are and awesome just awesome is all I can say .