July 27, 2009

Paper Extravaganza!

This past weekend I paid a final visit to Paper Cult, a Northern Virginia paper store that I previously posted about here, to stock up on as much paper as my billfold could currently handle. In the end, I walked away with: six Rhodia pads, three Apica notebooks, two packs of G. Lalo paper, a pack of G. Lalo envelopes, and an assortment of other amazing paper products (not pictured)... it was all 50% off, so I couldn't help myself! Besides, one almost never sees Rhodia or Apica paper on sale. I just couldn't pass the good deals by. There is still quite a bit left, so if you live in the area, I would encourage you to help Christina over at Paper Cult unload the last of her inventory before she closes the doors on July 30th.

I have no affiliation whatsoever with Paper Cult. I'm just sad to see it go... and I love a good sale.


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wow closing the doors forever ? this economy really stinks and everyone seems like they are going out of business . Nice haul though and you are so lucky . woo hoo !!!