July 8, 2009

Orphaned Postcard Project

Sometime last week, I found my way over to Post Muse (via the Missive Maven) where I learned about the Orphaned Postcard Project. For many years, PostMuse collected blank postcards (many of which she saved from assured destruction) depicting locations all around the world. After moving three times and taking the hundreds (possibly thousands) of postcards with her, she concluded that a collection of blank postcards might be a bit strange. To alleviate that problem, PostMuse conceived a grand plan to send her orphaned postcards on round-trip journeys, to fulfill their purposes as objects meant for mailing, with a little help from acquaintences she had yet to make.

To be a part of the project, individuals follow the directions here and request to receive postcards corresponding to the place where the requester lives. Upon receipt of the requested (pre-stamped) postcards, the recipient addresses them back to PostMuse, writes a message of the recipients choice, and drops in the post office box. Brilliant!

Living as I do in Washington, D.C., I requested three postcards commemorating locations around the capital city.

I'm jazzed that I stumbled upon PostMuse's blog, because otherwise, I wouldn't have received all these wonderful stamps in the mail.

PostMuse catalogs the postcards finishing their return journey by writing about them on her blog.

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