July 5, 2009

Multiple Postage Stamps

One of the most overlooked ways to spice up correspondence is postage. Although many people do purchase stamp designs that they like, I rarely see stamps used in combination (with the exception of 1 or 2 cent postage to accommodate rate increases).

In this case, I was mailing a piece of business mail. So I wanted to keep it professional. But instead of metering the envelope, I used a combination of stamps to total the $1.22 postage fee.

I think it adds a bit of a personal touch to the otherwise plain manila envelope.

1 comment:

The Missive Maven said...

You rarely see stamps used in combination? Allrighty then, I'll try to remember to use a bunch of smaller, interesting stamps on your next letter.

I agree, I love to use a variety of different stamps to spice up a letter.

Sometimes I even get lucky and can match the theme (owl stamp for owl card, etc).