July 8, 2009

Montblanc Racing Green Ink Review

During my search for gorgeous green inks, I came upon a rash of impassioned recommendations in favor of Mont Blanc Racing Green. The ink is apparently slated to be discontinued, and its supporters are trying to save it. I wasn't initially impressed by the scans of the ink on Fountain Pen Network, but decided to purchase a bottle in order to see for myself. I figured that if I didn't like it, I could probably sell it to a Racing Green diehard at minimal financial loss.

The ink is a tad expensive, usually found for around $12.50 per bottle. The value is pretty good, however, in that it comes in 50 mL bottles, compared to J. Herbin bottles, which hold only 30 mL of ink.

First, I would like to mention my admiration of this bottle. The bottle, made of thick glass, has been described as shoe-shaped, with a small reservoir that allows for every last drop of ink to be used. Both solid and functional, the bottle also manages to be very attractive. It is presently the only ink bottle that I leave on my desk at work, the rest are in a drawer.

Now for the ink itself. You may click images to view full-size.

All the reviews of this ink I have seen, including this one, have failed to do complete justice to the color it puts on paper. So, I have done some close ups that I feel do a better job of capturing the shading and coloration of the ink.

I would like to note that while most people write their reviews on white copy paper, I used my everyday paper, Staples EcoPaper made of sugarcane waste, called bagasse. For other reviews of this and other inks, take a gander over at the Fountain Pen Network.

Oh, and for the record, I'm definitely going to keep this beautiful ink in my regular rotation.

UPDATE: There is word from an authoritative source that Racing Green is not on the chopping block for discontinuation.


Droopydog500 said...

There seems to be a lot of confusion about Montblanc discontinuing ink colours. The latest rumour is that violet was discontinued. My supplier said it was discontinued and unavailable and it is gone from the web site. But Montblanc customer service says it is only out of stock. There seems to be communication issues relating to out of stock versus discontinued.

I just ordered ten bottles of racing green to keep stocked up...


Speedmaster said...

Nice review! I just ordered a bottle and love it. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Great photos of MbRG. It's one of my favorite green inks especially in a wide italic nib that brings out the shading.