July 13, 2009

It's Domo!

My latest letter to a penpal was written on a sheet from my tablet of Domo fold-and-mails. Instead of squiggling out the writing and obscuring the stationery, I took a photo of a blank sheet to show you.

There are four different designs, this is the one that I used. Wouldn't you love to get this little fella in the mail?

I have no affiliation with Dark Horse, but if you'd like to purchase this stationery, you can do so here, at the Dark Horse website. I have no idea how they are timed, but I feel like Dark Horse frequently has sales on it's paper products (albeit, often only 10% off). So make sure you frequent the site so you can buy when the time is right!


girlzoot said...

I love Domo!!! That is sooo awesome for a fold and mail!!!

The Missive Maven said...

Oh STOP IT, you! Must you tempt me with one of the few fold-and-mail products out there that I don't [yet] own?