June 25, 2009

Secure Addresses with Beeswax

Use this inexpensive tip to expand your addressing options beyond black sharpie or a layer of scotch tape. Because I like using an ink that suits the contents of my envelope or package, and don't care for marking the front of my envelopes with tape, I rub my addresses with beeswax to make sure that they don't smudge or smear in transit.

In these photos I chose Waterman black ink in an Esterbrook with a 9668 nib to address an envelope for business purposes.

In this photo you can see the clear layer of waterproof wax laid down by a quick rubbing:

Blocks of beeswax can be purchased in many different types of stores, I purchased mine in a hardware store where it was being sold as a drawer lubricant. As an alternative, I have also heard of people rubbing with a white candle.

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