June 23, 2009

Drool-Worthy Pen Catalog

I have no affiliation with Fountain Pen Hospital, but as a fountain pen enthusiast, I did request one of their catalogs. As it turns out, it's a beautiful volume, deserving of a place on my coffee table.

There are 90 thick, glossy pages of beautiful fountain pens.

Out of pure coincidence, the pens I find to be most attractive all happen to be from German brands: Lamy, Pelikan, Faber Castell, Reform and my favorite, Graf von Faber Castell. Curiously enough, although I love the aforementioned brands, I don't own a pen from any of them. Maybe in time, when my budget will allow.

At the moment, my collection of fountain pens (which I use to write my correspondence) is heavy on American made pens such as: Parker, Cross and Esterbrook.

If you're in the marker for fountain pens, or if, like me, you just enjoy high quality window shopping, I suggest you order this catalog. You can request a free catalog on the Fountain Pen Hospital website by clicking the "free catalog" button next to the header on their website.


PostMuse said...

Ooooo... this will make for some lovely lunchtime window shopping! I haven't got a fountain pen yet. I am going to try the Lamy Safari first, just to make sure I like writing with one. I like very fine pens and haven't been able to find roller ball pens that fine.

James said...


From what I hear, the Lamy Safari is a wonderful choice for a first fountain pen! You'll have to let the fountain pen community know what you think at fountainpennetwork.com when you've been able to take a Safari for a test spin.